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Selfies Are A Thing Of The Past…At Least The Word Selfie Is

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Selfies Are A Thing Of The Past...At Least The Word Selfie Is

Apparently, selfies are passe’, at least the word “selfie” is! Data scientists from the Alan Turing Institute have carried out the first scientific analysis of the Urban Dictionary, an online dictionary for slang words and phrases. Among its findings was that the people on the site have lost interest in the the word “selfie”, a cultural phenomenon that first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2009 and was actually added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. The study also showed that the phrase “on fleek” has also lost popularity. In case you didn’t know “on fleek” means “smooth, nice sweet.” That’s too bad, because Joanie and I use the phrase “on fleek” all the time. Don’t you?



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