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Megan Markle’s Dad May Be Involved In A Wedding Scandal

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Megan Markle's Dad May Be Involved In A Wedding Scandal

There looks to be something of a scandal ahead of the upcoming royal wedding! Meghan Markle’s dad appears to have conspired with a celebrity photographer to shoot lucrative “candid” photos of himself preparing for his daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry this week. The 73-year-old apparently worked with celebrity photographer Jeff Rayner on four allegedly phony shoots set up to make it look like the father of the bride was caught unawares. Witnesses reported seeing Thomas Markle and Rayner show up together and plan out the scenes in nearly all of the photo shoots. The photos show Markle reading news reports about his daughter’s wedding at an Internet cafe, reading up on British landmarks, working out to get in shape before walking his daughter down the aisle at Windsor Castle and also being fitted for a suit. The photo shoot reportedly netted Rayner $135,000, but it’s unclear whether Thomas reaped any of the windfall.



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