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Student Presents Thesis In Underwear After Professor Calls Her Outfit “Inappropriate”

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Student Presents Thesis In Underwear After Professor Calls Her Outfit "Inappropriate"

So, a professor tells her student that her shorts were “too short” for the student’s thesis presentation, and would draw men’s attention . What does the student do? She strips down to her underwear to do the presentation. She definitely got the attention of the men (and women) after that move. Was there a better way for the student to protest the teacher’s dislike for her clothing? Sure, but I like her choice. The best part? 28 other people stripped down to their underwear during the presentation as well!



A student at Cornell University named Letitia Chai stripped down to her bra and underwear while presenting a Facebook livestream of her thesis last weekend. The decision to present her senior thesis in her underwear was in direct response professor Rebeka Maggor’s comments during Chai’s practice run.

According to a report from the Daily Sun student newspaper, Maggor critiqued Chai’s outfit comprised of a blue button-down and shorts with the pressing question: “Is that really what you want to wear?”

Chai told the paper that Maggor indicated the shorts were “too short” and would thusly draw “men’s attention.”

As a complete kick-back to Maggor’s unsolicited advice, Chai stripped down during her presentation and encouraged others to do the same.

“I am more than Asian. I am more than a woman. I am more than Letitia Chai. I am a human being. And I ask you to take this leap of faith, to take this next step, or rather this next strip, in our movement and to join me in revealing to each other and to seeing each other for who we truly are — members of the human race,” she said while undressing.

In response to Chai’s call to arms, 28 of the 44 people at the presentation joined her in their underwear.

You can watch her presentation HERE.

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