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Seeing Brett Favre In A Different Light

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Seeing Brett Favre In A Different Light

The struggles of former Packers quarterback Brett Favre are well-documented. Favre, now in the Hall of Fame, has been a pretty open book about his battle with painkillers during his time in Green Bay. But as it turns out,┬áhe sought treatment multiple times for painkiller and alcohol abuse. In his final MMQB column for Sports Illustrated, Peter King issued a host of thank you’s to different sports figures, including Favre. King talked to Favre over the weekend for his column, and the quarterback told King he’d actually been to rehab three times during his span with the Packers, two of which no one knew about until now. Favre also revealed that he not only did 72 days in Kansas for rehab, but that he went to a treatment center in Louisiana a few years before that for just 28 days. Here’s a link to the SI story.



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