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A Washington State Motorist’s Car Was Hit By A Flying Gun

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
A Washington State Motorist's Car Was Hit By A Flying Gun

A driver who spotted a “black object” flying through the air on a Washington highway stopped 18 miles later and found a handgun embedded in his bumper. Washington State Patrol Troopers said the man was driving Wednesday on I-5 when he saw the object fly through the air and appear to strike his bumper. The man told troopers he didn’t think the object had struck his bumper very hard and no warning lights came on, so he decided not to stop and investigate. When he stopped at a gas station about 18 miles later he discovered the handgun lodged barrel-first in his front bumper. The gun was turned over to police, and investigators are looking into whether the weapon was used in a shooting earlier that day in the area.



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