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Have You Seen “Buff Cat?”

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Have You Seen "Buff Cat?"

Have you seen “Buff Cat” out there on social media? No one knows for sure what his real name is or who owns him, but he’s now an internet sensation. Buff Cat is a broad-shouldered Tabby from Quebec, Canada who looks like the feline version of Arnold Schwarzenneger. And now someone has created a Twitter account called “@officialbuffcat .” Since first spreading the word of Buff Cat a few days ago, @officialbuffcat now has tens of thousands of followers. Hopefully, as this new internet star continues to spread, Buff Cat fans will get some answers about the elusive feline … like how much he can bench press! Of course, he’s not the only “buff” cat out there. Here’s Joanie’s cat, “Rex”, who weighed in at 30 lbs!



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