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Did Jason Aldean Really Share A Brew With His Son?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Did Jason Aldean Really Share A Brew With His Son?

Jason Aldean’s son Memphis may be only six months old, but already the little dude is a chip off the old block. Memphis is showing off that he’s following right in his dad’s footsteps in a photo Aldean shared to Instagram Saturday that’s stirred up a bit of a controversary. In the shot, Memphis is apparently taking a sip out of his father’s beer can…and looks pretty happy about it. Aldean captioned the photo opp “What can I say…it runs in the family. C’mon, everyone—your parents didn’t do this to you back in the day?” Aldean also added the hashtags “everybody chill” and “he didn’t drink it”, along with an eye-rolling emoji, but predictably, there was a dust-up on social medis, with some expressing outrage and others merely laughing it off. Several fans noted that a can of frosty cold beer probably felt great on a six-month-old’s teething gums, which is hard to argue with.


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