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Pizza Is Coming To The Battlefield

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Pizza Is Coming To The Battlefield

Pizza is coming to the battlefield. The Army has unveiled a much-anticipated pizza MRE, or Meal Ready to EAT for its soldiers that has a three-year shelf life — even if it’s kept in the desert heat. The pizza MRE will start with one topping — pepperoni — and will also contain cherry blueberry cobbler, a cheese spread with cheddar and jalapeno cheese, Italian bread sticks, cookies, and chocolate protein drink powder. The mozzarella cheese on the pizza is specifically made to withstand heat. Stephen Moody, who directs the Combat Feeding Directorate said a pizza MRE is something that’s been requested since the 1980s, and that Moody’s center has been working on the pizza project since 2012 and appears to have gotten the recipe right. It will be available to troops as soon as the end of year and to most soldiers within 18 months. On an interesting side note, last year, the military announced it would not allow soldiers to consume fast food or other things that are considered luxuries while they’re stationed overseas. The reason given was that troops were often not in a combat mindset.



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