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An AWOL Soldier Takes Quite The Joyride

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
An AWOL Soldier Takes Quite The Joyride

A soldier at the Fort Pickett National Guard base in Blackstone, Virginia, picked a wild way to go AWOL Tuesday. Joshua Philip Yabut, 29 allegedly climbed in one of the Guard’s Armored Personnel Carriers and took off for parts unknown. Yabut became the focus of a police chase that went on for two hours and ended in downtown Richmond, traveling at about 40 miler-per-hour down I-95. The APC wasn’t armed but it certainly could have done plenty of damage. Armed police stood guard at the entrance to the city’s Capitol Square and a police helicopter kept track of it with a spotlight. The joy ride ended in downtown Richmond near a hospital, and Yabut was taken into custody. Some reports have described him as “disgruntled,” and was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.


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