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Meet The “Sexiest” Cow In Great Britain!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Meet The “Sexiest” Cow In Great Britain!

The sexiest cow in Britain has been revealed after a gruelling judging process. A competition was set up by a seed company which aimed to find the sexiest cow in the UK. Judges were swamped with entries, but have now finally chosen a winner. Char, a Jersey cow living on Gooseform Farm in the Culm Valley, Devon, has won the official title and her prize was a special photo shoot. Char’s owner Charlotte Cunningham will also get to enjoy a spa break for two. The runners up are cows named “Tetford Twinkle”, and “Bonnie.” We’re not sure if farmers here in Wisconsin think their cows are “sexy”, but we’ll stack ours up against foreign bovines any day!



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