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Hair Comb Manicures

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Hair Comb Manicures

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any stranger, the latest set of claws to break the internet mean hair comb manicures are now a thing.

In the world of nail artistry, things have gotten a tad out of control. Gone are the days of just painting on a couple of coats of polish and maybe jazzing things up with an embellishment or two in the name of having a chic pair of hands. Manis in 2018 have an entirely different agenda, with advanced sculpting and designing being thrown into what would otherwise be an ordinary paint job.

A mind-blowing manicure with moving eyes once made its rounds. Then there was Kylie’s first photo with Stormi recreated on someone’s nail, a manicure that was equal parts creepy and impressive. Now, the same salon that brought the internet those cool, but strange designs just found a way to make their on another level nail art functional. Sculpting artificial enhancements into mini grooming tools, Russia’s Nail Sunny salon brought new meaning to finger-detangling.

Posted with a “Brush nails – YAY OR NAY?” caption, Nail Sunny gave a behind-the-scenes look into just how the strange contraptions were created.

The process begins by brushing layers of clear gel onto the natural nail and forming the substance into lengthy claws. When the gel hardens, the technician is able to buff and shape the nail, and use a drill to carve out the teeth of the combs. Before painting on polish, the manicurist files the shapes until they’re smooth. Finally, neon lacquer of varying hues is applied before the nails are cured underneath a lamp. It’s really quite the mesmerizing process, showing how the nail tech is practically a sculptor.



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