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In The Kitchen For A Living

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In The Kitchen For A Living

Working in the kitchen can really pay.  In general, there are 4 levels of chefs’ education that can be tackled in different ways.

  1. Certificate and Diploma programs are one-year vocational tracks that impart the kitchen basics and move you to immediate work as a line cook or other kitchen staffer.
  2. Associate’s Degrees provide the most common educational path for Culinary Arts professionals.  They are two-year cooking programs that also require core competency in English, math and communication.
  3. Bachelor’s Degrees are four-year degrees issued by universities and standalone cooking schools.  Culinary arts and Dietetics provide popular Bachelor’s curriculums.
  4. Master’s level study in the Culinary Arts is handled by the best-known culinary schools, in the form of intensive apprenticeships with master chefs.


Kitchens promote from within, so working chefs often employ a ‘learn and earn’ strategy that places them in full-time employment during school.  Night and weekend cooking classes apply toward many culinary arts degrees that can be earned on a work-study basis.  Whatever career path you choose, there is a flexible educational program waiting to help you add a Culinary Arts credential to your resume.

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