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Toddler Tuesday

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Ideas to Engage Toddlers in the Kitchen


Washing fruits & veggies
Let them wash their own fruit and veggies. In the process talk about the colors, textures & their nutrient values. Explain how the fiber helps us clean our stomach and why it is important

Oh the kids love this one, especially if they get to do it with their bare hands. They could also use a plastic or a kiddie fork to mash boiled veggies, specially potatoes, yam, avocados.

Pouring liquids
Kids love exploring texture and it’s good for their motor skills too. Next time you need to add water in your batter or cake mix, take their assistance or assist them.

This one is the easiest. Give them sprinklers and they will love to play with it. They can toss chopped vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds, diced fruits, greens or best of all decorate a cake or garnish a healthy pizza.

Kneading & rolling dough
Toddlers love play dough right. Get them to make their own. Make it edible or play with it. Give them a roller and a cookie cutter to make different shape

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