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It Was Crazy Day At Atlanta’s Airport The Other Day

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
It Was Crazy Day At Atlanta's Airport The Other Day

Things got crazy in Atlanta the other day. After scaling a barbed wire fence, a 19-year-old Georgia man wearing only his underwear ran across the tarmac at Atlanta’s airport and pulled himself up onto the wing of a Delta jet and began pounding on the aircraft’s windows as shocked passengers watched from inside. Jhyrin Jones, 19, was arrested minutes after running up to the airplane, which had just landed. At one point, the agitated Jones mounted one of the jet’s wings and began pacing and banging on cabin windows as travelers photographed his bizarre antics.

Jones was subsequently subdued by airport police and charged with trespassing, damage to property, and obstruction of law enforcement. He was also hit with a public indecency count for allegedly exposing himself to the plane’s stunned passengers and crew.



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