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Incredible Video Of An Actual Shark Attack In Australia

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Incredible Video Of An Actual Shark Attack In Australia

An Australia woman is feeling lucky to be alive after she was reportedly pulled into the ocean by a shark, and it was caught on video! Melissa Brunning was on a friend’s yacht off the coast of Australia when her group got the opportunity to feed some Tawny nurse sharks, which can grow to 10 feet in length. Brunning said she joined the others at the back of the boat, and while everyone else was throwing fish in the water for the sharks to suck up into powerful, tooth-lined jaws,┬áBrunning said she made the mistake of trying to feed one of the creatures by hand. Using the suction it would typically reserve for forcing prey out of holes in the coral reef, the shark sucked up Brunning’s finger and pulled her into the water!

Lucky for Brunning, the shark was frightened away and she was able to crawl back up to the safety of the boat. While she initially believed she’d lost an entire finger, the shark’s teeth managed to leave behind only some minor wounds.



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