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Relief Is Coming To Cleveland Courtesy Of Tums!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Relief Is Coming To Cleveland Courtesy Of Tums!

Basketball fans in Cleveland have plenty of heartburn this week with the departure of LeBron James to L.A. Thankfully for Clevelanders, some measure of relief is on the way: TUMS is saying that it will provide Cavaliers fans with free antacids to help soothe the heartache caused by LeBron’s second departure. Unfortunately for most people, that promotion won’t start until the first game of the upcoming season this fall, when the Cavs will kick off their second post-LeBron era, so the pain will have to linger until October, when the NBA schedule begins anew. While many in Cleveland appreciate the gesture, other fans have complained that the TUMS promo will be too little, too late, and they need the antacids now.


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