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Hot Off The Presses: Scratch And Sniff Stamps

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Hot Off The Presses: Scratch And Sniff Stamps

Well, Joanie brought in a small sheet of Scratch And Sniff stamps this morning. She went to the Onalaska P.O. and the Postmaster asked her what kind of stamps she wanted. There were over a dozen to choose from, and she picked out the theme she thought were the prettiest. Little did she know they were the new Scratch And Sniff stamps. Being the curious people we are, we tought we’d scratch, sniff and give you our review. Joanie says she can’t identify what exactly she’s smelling. She figures it’s blend of sweet treats. The closest she can come to is a watermelon scent. As for me, I also smell the watermelon, but if it doesn’t smell like chicken or steak on the grill, what’s the point? Let us know if you pick some of these up at the post office, because we want to know what you smell!


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