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Using Your “Mom Voice” To Scare Away A Bear, Hanging With Some Bats In Houston, Texas, And How To Destroy A $300KCar The Day After You Buy It!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

>> Remember when your mother used her “mom voice” to get you to do something. Well, a California woman shared video showing her using her “mom voice” to order a bear to turn around and leave her porch! Brittany Christensen posted a video to Facebook showing a black bear starting to climb the steps to her Lake Tahoe home. “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no,” Christensen says to the bear. “Go! Go away!” The bear then turns and quickly leaves the property. “My mom voice actually worked! Just wish it worked on my kids,” Christensen wrote

This’ll creep you out! A worker at a Houston high rise captured video of an unusual sight outside one of the building’s windows — dozens of bats gathered in a swarm on the wall. Dave Rojas, who works in an office at the building, tweeted a video showing dozens of bats gathered together to roost right outside a window. Rojas said the building is an annual hub of bat activity. “Every year the bats make a visit to our office. It must be that time of the year again. I think they are migrating,” he wrote.

And a Virginia man on Saturday totaled a $300,000 car one day after he bought it! The Fairfax County Police Department said a man driving a McLaren 720S and crashed into a tree because he was speeding. The driver, who was not named by police, suffered only non-life threatening injuries. Police said the McLaren was purchased Friday and totaled Saturday. By the way, the McLaren 720s is a luxury sportscar that was given a 5-star safety rating by Autocar.

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