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Burger King Is Treating A Terminally Ill Dog, It’s “Footloose” Come To Life, And Virginia Police Get A 911 Call About A Basketball Game

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

A Burger King has treated a terminally-ill dog to free burgers for the rest of his life, helping him live his last days to the fullest. Cody, a 10-year-old Boxer-Labrador, was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago and given just one to three months to live, depending on how much his cancer had spread. His family decided to treat the poor pup to plain cheeseburgers from their local Burger King as a way of giving him something enjoyable and administering his medicine more easily. But one day, when they went to pick up his daily snack, the staff at Burger King told Cody’s owners that they’d no longer be charged for the dog’s burgers. Awww.

It’s “Footloose” come to life! Officials in Fort Smith, Arkansas have repealed a 1953 ordinance that essentially outlawed public dancing on Sundays. Locals who knew about it called it the “Footloose” ordinance. The antiquated law banned the operation of public dance halls or any place with dancing on Sundays. The law stated public dancing on the day “greatly endangers the public health, safety and welfare.” No comment from Kevin Bacon yet, but just for fun here’s the iconic last dance scene from the original 1984 classic!

And we have video of a pickup game that went seriously awry. During a casual Monday night game of basketball at a fitness club in Sterling, Virginia, a player was blocked by someone on the opposite team and fell to the floor. Then things got serious: The man who went tumbling during the game reportedly stormed out to the front desk, where a worker placed a call to 911, asking the sheriff’s office to respond to what he called an “assault.” No charges were filed, but the men were reportedly warned that they needed to keep the game civil or they’d be tossed out of the gym for the day. Then it got bizarre: The men went back to the court and finished the game.


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