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It Looks Like Chicago Hates Ketchup, You Can Own A Very Brady House, And Senator Tammy Baldwin Is Courting The Packer Vote

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Chicago Hates Ketchup?

Apparently, someone in the Illinois Department of Transportation must have either a sense of humor or really hate ketchup. The other day, a digital sign over a highway in Chicago starting reading, “No texting. No speeding. No ketchup.” After pictures of the sign were posted on Twitter, it was clear that people in Chicago really don’t like ketchup on their food, as most agreed with the sign. No one knows for sure yet how the sign came to be, since it is an official Illinois DOT sign, but they’re looking into it.


“Here’s The Story, Of A Lovely Lady….”

A very Brady piece of real-estate just went up on the market. After almost 50 years, the home featured on the Brady Bunch is up for the sale for the price of $1.89 million. According to a listing on Zillow, the house in North Hollywood, California is the second-most photographed home in America, just behind the White House. The 2,477-square-foot property includes “perfectly preserved 1970’s decor,” two beds, three baths, and “generous entertaining spaces.” No word on whether a housekeeper named Alice comes with the house. Wanna see what it actually looks like inside? Click the picture:


Go, Pack, Go!

Election season makes political candidates do interesting things. And here in Wisconsin, Senator Tammy Baldwin is trying to attract some votes from Green Bay Packers fans. She says she’s introducing the “Go Pack Go Act” which would require cable, satellite and TV providers to ensure Wisconsin customers access to every Packers game. Currently, 12 counties in the northwestern part of the state cannot watch the Pack when the Minnesota Vikings or Detroit Lions play at the same time, because those counties are tied to select Minnesota and Michigan markets. And yes, Baldwin is up for re-election in November.



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