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Tractor Chase In Denver, Ouija Boards Debunked And Golden Retrievers Turn 150

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Denver Police Chase Stolen Tractor

It was quite the scene in downtown Denver Friday night as police got into a car chase with a John Deere tractor! A stolen tractor towing an attachment smashed into cars and buildings as it plowed, so to speak, through the downtown area. After police vehicles forced the tractor to a stop, witnesses said the police jumped out with guns drawn. Officers ended up tasing the driver and made sure he was carted off by ambulance. Two officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and no reports have emerged of injured pedestrians. We have the crazy video of that one…


Ouija Boards Not So Spooky

Well, this is a little disappointing: A new study suggests that the Ouija board is probably not summoning dead people and delivering messages from the Great Beyond. Researchers from Denmark and Germany studied forty Ouija board players, hooked them up to eye trackers, and found that while people initially have a hard time predicting where the planchette would go, (that’s the triangular thing), over time the players will together sub-consciously narrow down the random letters into more predictable words and phrases. The study says something called the “ideomotor effect” is at work here. That’s the tendency to make small, unconscious movements when a question is posed. So no, your late Aunt Hilda isn’t sending you a cosmic high-five from beyond the grave! Source:

Happy Birthday To The Golden Retriever!

Hundreds of golden retrievers joined in celebrating the 150th anniversary of their existence.  More than 360 golden retrievers and their humans from all over the world met in Scotland last week at Lord Tweedmouth’s former estate where he bred first golden retriever in 1868, and wait till you see the video of that many beautiful dogs together! Tweedmouth crossed a wavy-coated retriever with a tweed-water spaniel to create the golden retriever.  He was on a quest to find a hunting dog who could master both the rugged, rocky mountain terrain and the soggy marshes of the Scottish Highlands. The golden retriever is the third most popular breed in the United States, behind Labrador retrievers and the German shepherd. No word on who was assigned that task of cleaning up after all those dogs!


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