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It’s Snakes In A Toilet, Red Bull In The Pants And Sex Toys In The Sky!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Snakes On A Plane? How About In Your Toilet!

It’s the stuff of nightmares: Finding a snake in your toilet! And it happened recently to James Hooper from Virginia. Hooper said in a Facebook post that the he spotted the snake poking its head out of the toilet and he suspected it swam up through the pipes. “When I saw the tongue of the snake, I was like, ‘wow’,” he said. “We’ve had snakes in the yard, but not in the toilet!” Hooper and his roommate tied a noose at the end of a fishing pole and used it to move the snake to a bucket outside. Virginia Beach Animal Control identified the snake as a domesticated ball python and it was later reunited with its owner, who said the serpent had been missing for about two weeks before they saw Hooper’s Facebook post.


Is That Red Bull In Your Pants, Or….?

Police in Caseyville, Illinois are left with a mystery: how many packages of Red Bull can a thief fit down his pants? They released surveillance video of a thief stuffing 44 cans of Red Bull energy drink down his pants and walking out the door of a convenience store on July 11. But wait, it gets better! They say he returned to the store about three hours later and stole another 32 cans of Red Bull.  Now wait. It’s even better than that! A day later, he returned to the same store and swiped another 44 cans.  That adds up to 120 cans of Red Bull over a two-day period! Police say the thief appeared to have sweat pants on underneath his shorts, and that made it possible for him to put so many cans in his pants. As of Sunday, the thief had not been arrested.


It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A Sex Toy!

And a 19-year-old was arrested after the blow-up doll he had allegedly tied helium balloons interrupted flight paths above Canada. The man could face charges for the incident at Vancouver Harbour as police revealed it was an apparent stunt that he was filming. West Vancouver police said two men were filming a video when the sex toy drifted into the sky on July 3. It was described as ‘an adult-sized and shaped inflatable’ with 10 large helium balloons attached to it. As funny as it sounds, the apparent prank affected air travel in the area as Transport Canada and the Civil Aviation Branch had to send a warning out to pilots. Both men were arrested and later released pending an investigation.



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