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Police Catch Shark Thieves In Texas, Two Jersey Pups Are Best Friends, And Gummies And Pizza Come Together In A Big Way

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Cue The Theme From “Jaws”

Here’s a story and video that have really gone viral: Officials with the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas say a trio of thieves stole a shark last Saturday and smuggled it out of the aquarium in a stroller. A spokeswoman for the aquarium said a suspect is in custody and the shark is alive and well, despite the traumatic experience. Video surveillance shows the thieves walking through the aquarium on Saturday before driving off with the 16-inch horn shark.  They apparently snagged the shark from the interactive “touch pool,” threw it into a bucket and then into the stroller. Staff and police eventually caught up to the thieves.


Here’s Your “Awww” Story For The Day

Kristina Helfer, the Adoption Foster Coordinator at Wise Animal Rescue in New Jersey, fell in love with a Chihuahua named Tito and just had to take him home, which she shares with two pit bull rescue dogs named Frank and Piper. Now, Tito has irreversible nerve damage which prevents him from using his back legs, but moments after meeting, Tito and Frank became inseparable and can almost always be found snuggling. Now here’s the “awww” part. When it’s time to go for walks, Tito hangs out in the pocket of Frank’s vest. Dog lovers have got to see these pics of the two together!


Mama Mia, What A Pizza!

And finally, if you like gummies, and you like pizza, we found a way to put them together in a very big way. Novelty company Vat19 has created a gummie pizza with a 6-foot diameter! They say it’s the world’s largest gummie pizza and comes with its own handcrafted box. Derek and Jamie, the two guys who invented it, have Youtubed a video showing how the monster treat was created. The gummie pizza is full of different colored gummies and flavors of gelatin. The final product is 250 pounds of gummy pizza, and you can order your very own slice for just $149.99, but they’re currently sold out.



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