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A Wisconsin Couple Has A Jurassic Wedding, An Ohio Man Found Out What “Gag Order” Really Means, And In Texas It Was Two Guys, A Motorcycle And A Stolen TV

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

A Wedding 65 Million Years In The Making

A couple from Burlington, WI who bonded over “Jurassic Park” brought their obsession to a new level when they made the movie the theme of their wedding. Courtney McMillion has loved the dinosaur flick since she was a kid and was thrilled to realize Billy McMillion was also a fan when they began dating in 2013, so it just made sense that they would have a “Jurassic Park”-themed big day. Courtney spent 18 months organizing the $25,000 bash, which was complete with dinosaur decorations and saw her arrive in a Jeep Wrangler like the one in the movie. Their venue was decked out in forest greenery and their 170 guests were issued VIP passes for the prehistoric ceremony. The bride walked down the aisle to the movie’s theme tune and groom Billy even crafted a doughnut wall to look like the front gates of the fictional park. Courtney said she had a blast planning her dream day but said even though the wedding had the Jurassic theme, guests were still impressed at how elegant it all was.


The Real Meaning Of “Gag Order”

Judge John Russo of Cuyahoga County, Ohio had had enough. Franklyn Williams was being sentenced to 24 years in prison Tuesday after being convicted on armed robbery charges, and for over 30 minutes he just..wouldn’t..shut..up!Judge Russo warned him to stop at least a dozen times, but he just..wouldn’t..shut..up. Russo eventually issued the order that Williams’ mouth be taped shut. Video taken shows a deputy pulling a piece of red tape from the roll in preparation to tape Williams’ mouth as Williams speaks out, saying he didn’t get a fair trial or any justice and the judge was not allowing him to “speak how I need to speak.” But then he kept speaking even after the tape was put on, and so a second piece was applied. Here’s the lesson: When the judge says, “shut up,”, you shut up!


What A Getaway!

And finally, Authorities in Texas said two men who stole a 50-inch TV from a home fled with the stolen device — on a motorcycle! The Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office said security camera footage shows the two men arrive at a home on a motorcycle and take a TV that had been screwed into a cabinet on the back patio. The men then fled on the motorcycle with the television sandwiched between them. Multiple witnesses snapped photos of the unusual sight and police said deputies followed the motorcycle for a time, but lost track of the suspects.



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