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Adam Levine Describes The Way Blake Shelton Smells, People Peeing In Public In Paris, And Why Are 30,000 Couples Getting Married Tomorrow?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Adam Levine is rocking a brand new scent. The Maroon 5 frontman and “Voice” judge is the new face of Y by Yves Saint Laurent. And during an interview with Nancy O’Dell on Entertainment Tonight, Levine couldn’t help but take a dig at his buddy, Blake Shelton, when O’Dell asked what he thought Blake smells like. Levine said, “Blake wears his own special scent. It’s called Oklahoma magic. It’s a delicate combination of manure and farm…Blake’s fragrance would be called ‘Oklahoma Stank.’…The accents would be, like, body odor, farm work, hunting…lameness.” We’ve got the video for you to take look at:


This story could only come from France. Officials in Paris are trying a unique solution to public urination. They’ve installed four eco-friendly open-air urinals for people who can’t hold it in any longer. We’re not talking porta potties here. These “uritrottoirs” are a bright red and located in plain sight with no privacy or enclosed area to take care of your business. Large signs also point to their presence. You just walk right up to it, stand their and do your thing! One is even located near the famous Notre Dame cathedral so you can take in the view while relieving yourself. Officials are happy with the outcome, but not everyone is as enthused. Some residents have written to the city’s town hall in protest, saying they don’t believe it’s appropriate for people to be peeing in public. And here’s a question: What are women supposed to do?


And The Knot, the #1 digital wedding brand, has announced that tomorrow, August 18, 2018, will be the most popular wedding day of this year, with 28,633 couples getting hitched this Saturday. What’s so special about tomorrow? The date is a “palendrome”, which is a word or string of numbers that read the same both forward and backwards. Numerically, tomorrow is 8-18-18 both forwards and backwards. Apparently, that’s special enough for almost 30,00 couples to get hitched!



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