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Mistakes Even Seasoned Cooks Make When Grilling Burgers

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Mistakes Even Seasoned Cooks Make When Grilling Burgers

Want to grill a tender, juicy burger with just the right blush of pink in the middle? Avoid these common mistakes cooks make when grilling burgers.

 Grabbing the wrong pack of meat

You can make delicious burgers from ground turkey, ground chicken or even black beans, like these. But when it comes to making the best-ever burger, we like to stick to the classic: ground beef.

The real trick here is to choose ground beef with a higher fat content. The leaner the beef, the drier your burger will be. Ground sirloin is the leanest, then ground round, ground chuck and lastly, ground beef. The package will tell you the lean-to-fat ratio. 85-15 is too low for a tasty burger; it’ll be too dry. 70-30 makes a super juicy, indulgent burger, and it’s our favorite to cook with.

Over-handling the meat

We love adding seasonings, spices and extra ingredients to boost the flavor of our burgers. (Garlic powder and chopped onions are my faves.) But over-mixing and mashing the meat will turn it into a dense, dry puck.

An easy trick to avoid overworking: Combine any add-ins in a separate bowl first. Then, gently work the mixture into the ground meat by pressing it in with two forks. Stop as soon as the ingredients look evenly dispersed.

Pressin’ the patties as they cook

We’ve all seen it in movies and on TV-the cook takes his spatula and presses it down on the patties as they cook, releasing a fury of spit and sizzle.

This is a huge mistake! That cook is effectively squeezing out all the meat’s juices, dropping them into the flames below. As satisfying as it looks onscreen, don’t do this at home.

Avoid these burger blunders and you’ll be the hero of your next holiday cookout and backyard barbecue.

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