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They Really Love Their Fries In Maine, Things Get Quirky In College Football, And It’s An Epic Fail For Disgraced Actor Kevin Spacey

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Some customers are getting so worked up over the switch from crinkle-cut to straight-cut fries at Bolley’s Famous Franks in Waterville, Maine, that co-owner Leslie Parsons had to post an explanation online to ease the rage. After making the switch, the restaurant has encountered some pretty disturbing and hostile customers apparently very unhappy with their straight cut French fries. They’ve even had to to kick one customer out who was physically threatening Leslie’s husband, Jim. Bolley’s has two other locations, but the Parson’s own the one in Waterville. The issue is cost: Blades that cut crinkle-cut fries in a heavy machine are pricey at about $2000 per year and need replacing every month or so.


Here’s proof that things can get quirky in college football. Last season, Georgia Tech and Central Florida’s game was canceled because Hurricane Irma was hitting Florida, and now the two teams have agreed to a new date for a matchup: September 24, 2022. Yes, literally five years after the original play date, when none of the current players will even be there! But here’s the kicker: The two teams will also play each other as scheduled on September 19, 2020 at Georgia Tech. It all comes down to scheduling and finding time when they can play, and apparently neither team’s schedule will allow for a rematch until 2022. You gotta ask, what’s the point?


Can actor Kevin Spacey fall any further? Apparently so! Spacey’s career continues to suffer as his latest film, the crime-drama Billionaire Boys Club, took in a meager $126 after it debuted on Friday, opening in just 10 theaters across the country. Inspired by true events, the critically panned flick follows a group of wealthy young men in Los Angeles who embark on a get-rich-quick scheme with deadly outcomes.The poor performance marks an unbelievable box office low for the Oscar winner, whose status as one of Hollywood’s most revered talents was tarnished late last year after a slew of sexual misconduct allegations emerged against him. Billionaire Boys Club could serve as a final act for Spacey, who has no additional projects in the works. $126? That’s like 3 large popcorns, right?



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