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The World Gravy Wrestling Championships Make A Mess In Britain, A Cubs Fan Catches A Ball In His Beer Cup, And A Texas High School Principal Is Taking Heat For A Sexist Dress Code Video.

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

So you’ve heard of mud wrestling and jello wrestling, but how about gravy wrestling? Competitors plunged into a pool of gravy Monday in Britain to grapple in the World Gravy Wrestling Championships. Pics taken Monday at the Rose ‘n Bowl restaurant in Stacksteads, Lancashire, England, shows men and women grappling in a pool partially filled with gravy. Many competitors chose to wrestle in colorful costumes, including at least one President Donald Trump impersonator. The annual event raised funds for East Lancashire Hospice. By the way, in case you’re wondering, it looks like beef gravy. Source:

One man left his glove at home and was still able to catch a foul ball in his beer cup at Wrigley Field Monday as the Cubs took on the Mets, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. According to USA Today, the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo hit a foul ball into the stands behind home plate and right into the beer cup of the unidentified fan. The best part is that the man chugged the remainder of his beer before removing the ball! Sharing a clip of the moment on Twitter, NBC Sports Chicago’s Cubs Talk wrote, “At Wrigley, it’s ALWAYS happy hour!” Source:

And a Texas high school principal has issued an apology after a video highlighting the school’s dress code featured only girls — in a move many criticized and called sexist. Principal Will Skelton of Marcus High School sent an apology letter to parents after the Flower Mound school came under fire for the video, which officials intended to reinforce the school’s dress code policy. In the letter, Skelton acknowledged that the “video absolutely missed the mark.” In the video, a group of girls are shown walking the school’s halls in shorts and T-shirts before a teacher is shown ushering them into a room for “Dress Code Violators.” While in the room, the girls are heard repeating in unison, “I will not wear athletic shorts.” Source:


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