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We Have Video Of A 14,000 Foot Mountain Rescue, Elton John Does Snickers, And A Ups Driver “Bearly” Escapes A Delivery

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

55-year-old Beverly Wedelstedt and two of her friends were hiking Gray’s Peak in the Rockies last Saturday when Wedelstedt felt her knee give out and she immediately collapsed. Since her other friends had already finished their hike and were waiting at the car, she was now stranded with three and a half miles to go. But strangers who had seen her fall immediately jumped into action, collecting bandannas, knee sleeves and medical tape to fashion her walking poles into a splint. Two doctors at the scene said, after a quick evaluation, that it appeared she had torn her ACL. Moments later, Wedelstedt was slung over the shulder of another hiker, and down the mountain they went, eventually meeting up with Alpine Rescue volunteers, who said they’ve never seen anything like it. Doctors at the hospital later confirmed she tore her ACL and meniscus, and we’ve got he video of the rescue for you. Source:

The one and only Elton John stars in a new ad for Snickers candy bars, playing off its popular “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. In the spot, a rap battle is taking place in a living room, and after one rapper disses another, the battle’s host invites the rapper who was insulted to step up and respond. But instead of a rapper, we see Elton John in his full sequinned glory, singing his hit “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” We won’t tell you how the commercial ends, but you can see for yourself on our blog page. The campaign launches internationally tomorrow, and Elton says that even though he rarely endorses products, he loved doing this as he’s a big supporter of hip hop music.

And a North Carolina UPS driver’s “sorry we missed you” note is going viral after listing the reason a package couldn’t be delivered: “Bear in driveway.” Marcy Lanier posted a photo to Facebook showing the note a UPS driver left in the mailbox at her Asheville home after being unable to deliver a package to her front porch. While you may think a bear in your driveway would be alarming, Marcy says, “On this street, we get bears all the time,”


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