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Woman Dissed For Dipping Chicken Nuggets In Soda, The FBI Recovers The Ruby Red Slippers, And Student’s Fake Poster Hangs At A McDonald’s For Months

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

It’s strange to us what will set people off on social media. A woman is defending herself after going viral for committing a food crime against chicken tenders.  Alexa Greenfield was caught on camera at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships dipping chicken in soda before taking a bite.  The video quickly spread all over the internet, with some people on Twitter joking that she should be put in jail.  Greenfield went on Fox 5 New York and said she dunks the tenders in soda to cool them off.  She admits that it’s weird but enjoys the taste. Source:

A Texas student who noticed a blank wall at his local McDonald’s made a fake advertisement and hung it in the restaurant — where it went unnoticed for months! The University of Houston student, identified only as Jevh M., said he wanted to boost Asian representation in the advertisement posters hanging at the McDonald’s, so he and a friend put themselves in a fake poster highlighting the eatery’s fries. Jevh posted a video to YouTube showing how he and his friends used a McDonald’s uniform they found at a thrift shop to disguise themselves as employees to hang the poster on the blank wall. The student posted a photo to Twitter showing the poster still hanging inside the store 51 days after the prank began. It was unclear whether McDonald’s knew the poster’s origins or if the eatery would allow it to remain. Source:

The stolen pair of ruby red slippers taken from the Judy Garland museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 2005 will be making their way back home.  FBI Special Agent in Charge Jill Sanborn announced at a press conference they had located the shoes from the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. Officials hinted there would be arrests made in the case, but didn’t provide any other details. At the end of the press conference, they were placed on display in a glass case. During the filming of the movie, there were multiple pairs of slippers used, but there are only four pairs of shoes known to exist today. Source:


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