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UPS Wants You, A Florida Man Is Busted For Writing Out A Really Bad Check, And Someone In Alabama Gets “Billboard-Shamed”

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Need a seasonal job this year? United Parcel Service will be hiring about 100,000 temporary employees for the crucial holiday season beginning in November. The company’s seasonal hiring is about 5.3 percent more than last year when it added about 95,000 temporary positions. Peak season begins on Black Friday and runs through early January when there is a large wave of returns. FedEx, meanwhile, said last week it would hire about 55,000 workers for the season, up about 10 percent compared with a year earlier. Source:

Robert Schneider really wanted that 2014 Winnebago he found at Lazy Days RV store in Seffner, FL back in June, so he wrote out a $246,445 check for it. You see what’s coming, don’t you? Two and a half months later, the luxury motor home has been located and he was arrested for, you guessed it, writing a worthless check. And in this case, it’s grand theft! The motor home was located Friday night at an RV park in Broward County after detectives received a tip from the public. Deputies say Lazy Days intends on picking up the Winnebago from an impound lot near where it was found. Our question is, who accepts a $246,000 check without “checking” it out? Source:

And a ticked-off contractor has used a big display ad to shame an alleged non-paying customer near Birmingham, Alabama. The billboard accuses a mysterious guy named ‘Dave’ of not paying his bills after six weeks. It’s not clear who ‘Dave’ is, and locals initially thought that it might be part of a viral ad campaign, but it appears to be genuinely targeting someone local for alleged non-payment. The billboard says, ‘This is Dave. Dave hasn’t paid for a job finished six weeks ago. Don’t be like Dave. I have bills to pay too!’ Source:


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