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It’s Like A Baby Carnival Ride!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
It's Like A Baby Carnival Ride!

So we bought our grandson, Kado, a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. He has one at home and just loves it, so we wanted to have one at our house for when he comes to visit. Now, the seat has something called a “Soothing Unit”, a device under his feet that vibrates slightly when you turn it on and it supposedly helps sooth your child. So as I’m reading the instructions, I notice something a little concerning. It says, “If this product begins to operate erratically, you may need to reset the electronics.” Erratically? Really? Now, I know Fisher-Price makes great kid stuff, so I’m not too concerned. Plus he’s never left unattended, but I’m not sure about putting my almost 5-month old grandson in something that may act “erratically!” After all, that’ll happen when he turns 16 and starts learning to drive!


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