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Is potato salad hot or cold?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

German potato salad. This salad is usually made with vinegar and bacon and should be served warm. Mayo-based potato salad. A dressing is made using mayonnaise and folded into the cooled, cooked potatoes

The potatoes you use will make or break your salad. The best potatoes for potato salad are waxy potatoes such as Yellow Finn, Yukon Gold, and red potatoes that hold their shape when they’re cooked and keep their firm texture in the salad when you chop them up and toss them with dressing.

During the 16th century, Spanish explorers discovered the potato in South America and brought the vegetable back to their homeland; from there the potato was introduced to Europe by farmers and merchants. Potato salad most likely developed in Germany.

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