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Water + Hops + Planters Peanuts = Beer!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Water + Hops + Planters Peanuts = Beer!

What goes well with a cold beer? Peanuts of course! And now, they’re in the beer, well sort of.

Meet Mr. Planters IPA-Nut.

Crafted at Noon Whistle Brewing in the Chicago area, it’s the first-ever venture into craft brewing for Planters peanuts. Brewed with Wakatu and Citra hops, Mr. IPA-Nut delivers a citrus aroma with a hint of those famous Planter’s honey-roasted peanuts, followed by a slightly salty finish. I would like to try this one for sure.¬† Usually, this would be where I would tell you that you and I probably won’t be trying it unless we hop on a plane to (insert city far away here).¬†Well, this one isn’t so far away so, how about a weekend road trip to Chicago? -GM

Planters IPA

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