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Baby Girl Named For Col. Sanders, Wins $11K 

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Baby Girl Named For Col. Sanders, Wins $11K 

A newborn baby girl already has some money for college because her parents named her after a fast food icon.  Harland Rose was born in North Carolina September 9th, sharing a first name and a birthday with the late KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders.  The restaurant chain had issued a challenge: be the first baby named Harland on that day and get eleven-thousand dollars in tuition money.  The amount is a nod to the eleven herbs and spices the Colonel used to make his chicken so famous.  The baby’s parents say they’re going to call her Harley.

So would you take money from a company to name your child after them or  one of their procucts?




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