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New Noodling Regulations Coming Next Year (Huh?)

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

So you say you don’t know what “noodling” is? Don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. Noodling is the nickname for hand fishing for catfish. In essence, you look for a catfish swimming under the water and plunge your hands in, hoping to catch it. Of course, catfish have stingers, so there’s that to contend with. Anyway, according to News8000, the Wisconsin DNR says it’s putting emergency rules in place for noodling.┬áStarting next year, noodling will only be allowed between June 1 and August 31. A bag limit is also being put in place of 1 flathead or 5 channel catfish per day. In addition, equipment limitations will prohibit the use of ropes, hooks, artificial nests and underwater breathing devices, so don’t even think about putting on your scuba gear to go noodling. Apparently, that’s horribly unfair to the catfish, I guess. Oh, and the state will not allow people to hand fish for catfish for sale.

In case you’re wondering, people have been doing this forever, but noodling and other forms of alternative methods of harvesting catfish were legalized in Wisconsin in 2017.

(I tried noodling for lobster in that tank at Red Lobster once, but they didn’t take too kindly to that and refused to serve me extra cheddar biscuits.)


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