They’re your friends, family and neighbors, and now Houghton’s Honors Heroes.

KICKS 1063 and Houghton’s Jackson Street Pub want to salute the Police, Fire, EMT’s, active-duty and veteran military personnel who keep us safe and serve our community. They’d never ask for recognition, but KICKS 1063 wants you to tell us about the Hometown Hero in your life with Houghton’s Honors Heroes. Now, meet our latest hero, Chaplain Jef Skinner of Sparta. Jeff’s wife, Paula writes:

“Jef has been a volunteer law enforcement chaplain since 2004 when he established the program with the Sparta Police Department. In 2009 he began the chaplain program in the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. In 2016, after working with the Wisconsin State Patrol in an unofficial capacity for several years he was officially installed as a chaplain. He proudly works with District 5 in Tomah and the State Patrol Academy serving the Cadets and Instructors. In 2017 he was asked by the Tomah Area Ambulance Service to serve as their chaplain. Chaplain Skinner serves on the Mississippi River Valley Critical Incident Stress Management Team also serving on its Executive Committee. As a team member he has helped emergency workers deal with stressful incidents. Chaplain Skinner hosts an annual Law Enforcement Picnic for Monroe County agencies. Chaplain Skinner worked with the Sparta Chamber of Commerce and the National Guard Challenge Academy to form the Coulee Transition Program to help Cadets successfully transition after graduation. All that he does as a chaplain is as a volunteer. He has been pastor of Gospel Baptist Church in Sparta since 2002. I am proud to call him my hero.”

Now it’s time to tell us about the hero in your life! Fill out the form below to nominate a police officer, firefighter, EMT, active-duty military or veteran. If chosen they’ll receive a $100 gift card to Houghton’s! Houghton’s Honors Heroes, with KICKS 1063!