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Here Are The 5 Most Forgotten Ingredients Of Thanksgiving Dinner

Do people really forget to buy yams, or just skip buying them. What the heck are yams anyway?!



Planning Thanksgiving is pretty stressful. The last thing you want to do is discover that you forgot an ingredient to make a dish that will make or break your holiday, and then it’s too late to do anything about it.

Let’s see if these “Forgotten Five” are on your list for this year. If they are, don’t forget them!

1. Cream cheese. You might not think of cream cheese as a main Thanksgiving ingredient, but it is often used for appetizers, desserts and sometimes even mixed into mashed potatoes.

2. Cream of mushroom soup. This ingredient is crucial for casseroles and gravies.

3. Celery. Celery is a staple for Thanksgiving meals, used in stuffing, appetizers, soups and salads.

4. Butter. A pound of butter might sound like enough to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner, but Meijer says it’s not. Butter will be used not only for spreading on your rolls, but in recipes and for leftovers later.

5. Yams. You can mash them or put marshmallows on top of them, just don’t forget them!